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6 Reasons You Need to Call an Electrician

Not sure whether to hire a professional electrician to check your Balwyn North home? Are you planning to fix things yourself? Or are you thinking of ignoring the flickering lights and unusually warm switches?

Sure, there are some things you can do yourself—like changing a light bulb. But there might be problems lurking around your quiet home that need the attention of a professional electrician balwyn north. Below are six scenarios that you may want to leave to experts.


1. Electrical circuit breakers trip frequently.

Electrical circuits can carry a limited amount of electricity. When there are too many appliances operating simultaneously, they draw more current than a circuit can safely handle. This is called an overload. It will cause the wires to overheat, melt the insulation, and start a fire.

Breakers and fuses are designed to protect you from house fires and serious harm. When an overload happens, they stop the flow of electricity. A breaker can trip and a fuse can blow.

If that happens, don’t ignore it. Manage your electricity well and hire an electrician to give your home a proper check.

2. Overloaded electric outlets.

An outlet’s capacity is also limited. A fault can occur if you have too many appliances plugged in. Instead of crowding an outlet with plug strips and multi-receptacle extensions, add more outlets in your home to accommodate all your devices. But don’t do that yourself. Hire an Residential Electrician to make sure that the whole electrical system is considered, and your home is safe.

3. Warm or discoloured switches.

Watch out for three things in your electrical system: heat, discolouration, and shock. When light switches, sockets, and other parts exhibit these signs, it can mean too much electrical load. A professional can help you identify the problems and provide solutions.

4. Your lights flicker.

If your lights flicker when you use your air conditioner, vacuum, or other equipment, then you need to improve your circuits. The flicker happens because these other instruments draw too much electricity. They may need their own circuits to function well.

5. Extension cord under your rugs.

Extension cords that run under your rugs are a potential fire hazard. They can overheat. When stepped on, the wires that run through them can break, which lessens the electrical load that they can carry. This lessened capacity, when used for the same amount of current as before, can overheat and cause a fire.

Be sure to use your extension cords correctly. Using many at home and plugging in multiples devices are signs that you need more outlets in your home.

6. Your electrical system is old.

If you’ve been living in the same house for a long while and you’ve never had your electrical system upgraded, then it’s time to do just that. Some aspects of old systems are no longer considered safe today. A professional electrician can replace the outdated parts of your electrical system, or give you a total makeover.


Protect your family from electrical and fire hazards by hiring professional electricians. Get them from a reputed company whose expertise you can rely on—like Heaven Sent Electrical. Our team of electricians can go to Balwyn North to check your home, fix your electrical system, and give you peace of mind.


Source: http://heavensentelectrical.com.au/balwyn-north-electricians